Toronto Tattoo Removal – Cover Ups

Many patients come to see us wanting to have a tattoo removed. We have done literally tens of thousands of Toronto tattoo removals since 2001, and though in many cases complete clearance is possible sometimes it is not. Also, some patients are simply tired of a certain tattoo, and want to get it covered with something new. We get many referrals each month from artists and shops in Toronto, asking us to fade a tattoo so that they can create a new one over top. Typically 2 – 4 sessions removes enough ink so that the artist can work freely, and use whatever colors they wish.

It is important when considering a cover up to discuss your new tattoo with an artist especially skilled in this area, since covering is an art unto itself. As we fade the tattoo, we suggest you visit your artist or send them photos so they can direct you on how many more sessions you  may need, and if there are specific areas of the tattoo they would like us to lighten even more. And be especially careful to make certain that you are happy with the new tattoo you are choosing, since removing a double cover up is extremely challenging. I have had several patients with 3 – 4 layered cover ups!

You can always email us a photo of your tattoo at and we can give you an idea about pricing and the number of sessions you may require. Visit