The History of Baywood

Established in 2001, The Baywood Clinic is one of Toronto’s leading Cosmetic Centers. Our team consists of board certified doctors who specialize in cosmetic and medical laser treatments.

Unlike many “medi-spa clinics”, where you will never even meet a physician, at the Baywood Clinic there is always a physician on-site, providing your consultations and personally performing or directly supervising your treatment.

Cosmetic, Laser, and Vein Medicine are serious medical treatments – you can trust our experience and count on our commitment to caring for you as your physicians.The Baywood Clinic is regularly featured in the media (The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Life Network, CBC Radio).

From unsightly varicose and spider veins, to acne, to the removal of unwanted body hair, the doctors at Baywood Clinic perform over 10,000 treatments every year!

Baywood Clinic is conveniently located in downtown Toronto. Call us today at 416 515 0007 to schedule a consultation with one of our medical professionals.